The Cryonauts NFT is being launched, minted, issued, and underwritten solely by Tomorrow Biostasis. LongevityDAO is only a press partner (e.g. like a newspaper or a blog platform) for this NFT launch, and is neither compensated nor liable for any aspects of this NFT launch. The data below and on the Cryonauts website is LongevityDAO's best understanding of the NFT plan as described by Tomorrow Biostasis; LongevityDAO does not underwrite any of the below beyond what TomorrowBio promises.

Mint Times

🚨Need Mint Support?🚨

1) The best way avoid problems is through prevention.

If you are public minting, we strongly recommend you have two wallets on two platforms ready (e.g. Metamask on desktop AND Coinbase wallet on phone).

If you are whitelist minting, do this at the start of the whitelist period, not at the end.

2) If you need live support, the best places is our support channel:

Our support channel is best used when you have plenty of time (e.g. hours). Our support cannot guarantee fixes within minutes during the mint rush. Thank you for your understanding πŸ™.

Whitelist Mint Time

if you are on the whitelist, you have a 23 hour, 50 minute window where your slots are guaranteed and at 50% discount to the public price. This window starts Friday August 12th, 2022 at 2PM US ET, 8PM CEST, and 18:00 UTC. This window ends Saturday August 13th, 2022 at 1:50 PM US ET, 7:50 PM CEST, and 17:50 UTC. If you have trouble minting, contact support above with plenty of time to spare.

The whitelist mint price is 50% off public mint prices, with an additional 10% off due do it being early. So the final whitelist mint price is 0.045 ETH.

Public Mint Time

The public mint time starts Saturday August 13th, 2022 at 2PM US ET, 8PM CEST, and 18:00 UTC.

For the first 48 hours of public mint, there is a 10% early bird discount, so mint prices are 0.09 at the start. Naturally, if the series sells out immediately everyone gets this discount =). Prices increase Monday August 15th 2PM US ET to the full public mint price of 0.10 ETH.

Number and Rarity of the NFTs

NFTs will be launched with the following rarities:

Perks of NFTs by Rarity

Each NFT rarity comes with perks as follows:


  • Invitation to annual AMA, both in person and digital

    • All entrance fees (e.g. ticket fees, fees charged by Tomorrow) fully covered.

    • Digital AMA to occur on Twitter Spaces as directed by TomorrowBio.

    • We are aiming for the first annual in person AMA hosted by TomorrowBio in Berlin, Germany in late 2022.

  • Access to research reports and updates.

  • Qualify for future NFTs / Airdrops in case Tomorrow decides to issue these.

  • Access to Gated Discord Channels (already up, if you did a Survey-for-Whitelist (see below)).


  • Everything in Common, plus:

  • Invitation to Annual Biostasis conference (live or streamed)

    • Entrance fees and incidentals (e.g. free snacks, onsite food, refreshments) covered.

    • Aim for first annual conference to be late 2022 in Berlin, Germany.


  • Everything in Rare, plus

  • Invitation to VIP & Speakers Dinner at the Annual Biostasis Conference

    • Entrance fee, dinner, drinks are covered.


  • Everything in Epic, plus

  • Full-body cryopreservation, including long-term care in a high-security facility in Switzerland. Standard terms and conditions apply (e.g. for it to be effective, you must be within Tomorrow's service zone).

    • All mandatory portions of cryopreservation costs (including Membership, Standby, and Storage costs) covered.

  • Claiming the cryropreservation:

    • First, check the status of the Legendary cryopreservation. In order to check the on-chain status of the Legendary before you buy the NFT, please go to our official smart contract for Cryonauts and check the field called legendaryStatus. The following are possible values of the Legendary:

      • "Verified Still Valid (Unused)" -- the free cryopreservation still exists, has not been used.

      • "Verified Invalid (Already Used)" -- the free cryopreservation has already been used.

      • "Unknown; Contact TomomrrowBio" -- The legendary status may or may not be available; contact TomorrowBio GmbH via their official imprint / Impressum for status.

    • Then, as the Owner of the Legendary (technically, the Ethereum EOA owning that NFT), you may exercise the cryopreservation. The exercise must be done on a natural human who qualifies to be a TomorrowBio customer under their standard terms and conditions. The natural human must be within TomorrowBio's service area and agree to the standard Terms and Conditions TomorrowBio has for all customers.

      • You will be asked to sign a message using the same EOA that owns the Legendary NFT.

      • You can then reach out to TomorrowBio to initiate the written contract that exercises the free cryopreservation.

      • To reduce the chance of confusion of being sold an exercised Legendary, you must continue holding the Legendary NFT in your wallet for the first 30 days after TomorrowBio signs the contract with you and switches the legendaryStatus to "Verified Invalid". If you do not continue holding this NFT for 30 days, TomorrowBio at its discretion may decide to revoke your assignment and let whoever now holds the Legendary NFT re-assign.

Perks of Actions Ahead of NFT Launch

Even before the NFT mint, you can take actions that will give you perks.

  • Survey for whitelist: if you take our survey, you'll get on our whitelist for the official mint in the future. While we give out the whitelist using many methods, using any paid method (even if it's just gas fees) give you status as a Paid Whitelister which confer higher perks.

  • Survey for whitelist + quick chat: if you get on our Paid Whitelist and have time for a quick 5-10 minute text chat with us (reach out to an admin on our Discord for how to do this, mention you filled out the Survey-for-Whitelist)

Future Potential Perks

  • The Moon -- a hangout location exclusively for NFT holders.

  • Even more real world perks and memberships that transcend the virtual world.

NFT to launch on Ethereum

The NFTs will launch as ERC-721 compliant tokens with generally standard behavior on the Ethereum mainnet, with minting occurring on Ethereum.

Polygon Compatibility:

Due to the currently unmaintained / unused status of the Polygon bridge, we are unable to offer the tokens on Polygon. However, for those whom Ethereum gas price is an issue, we have a gas rebate program. To inquire more, contact us on the #general channel on Discord. Please be sure to get your gas rebate promise in writing before you mint to be guaranteed of the rebate.

NFT Launch Process

We will launch the NFTs as follows:

  1. We will give at least 48 hours notice of the mint time, with notice being given on at least Discord and Twitter (so please follow us there).

  2. When the mint goes live, both the smart contract and a user interface (UI) will be posted on Discord, Twitter, and on the web.

  3. When all 10,000 NFTs are sold, the mint ends.

  4. If not all 10,000 NFTs are sold, Tomorrow Biostasis will end the mint at their discretion, no more than 3 months after the mint starts.

    1. In such a case, all unminted NFTs will permanently be prevented from minting. Unminted NFTs all come out of the allocation for common. This ensures that our legendary and epic NFTs will always be allocated to a minted NFT. For simplicity, in our community channels we will call this "Burning the Unminted NFTs" even if no burn event is emitted, since burning has the same impact as permanent non-minting.

  5. After the mint ends, rarities are allocated to the NFTs via a cryptographically secure, provably unmanipulable system, a system we're calling ERC-721-FAIR.


Short Description

  1. We will preannounce a time for a public random seed, such as >= Noon UTC the next day from the League of Entropy.

  2. The random seed will be used in a preannounced script, like this, in a preannounced docker image, like this, to generate "ranks" for each NFT serial number.

  3. The highest ranked NFT will get NFT #1 from a preannounced table, the second highest ranked NFT will get NFT #2, and soforth.

Long Description

A long description is available on the official site that we launch in support of the new standard.


We will reward whitelist (WL) spots for those who contribute to our community. The majority of our whitelist spots will be given to our Whitelist-for-Survey participants, who help us out before the launch by being paying members of our community.

Whitelist Specs:

  • WL spots will be linked to ETH addresses.

  • One ETH address may have more than 1 WL spot.

  • In the appx 24 hours before public mint (specifically between 2:00 PM EDT Friday August 12th and 1:50PM EDT Saturday August 13th), whitelist ETH addresses will be allowed to mint its allocated number of spots of NFTs at a 50% discount to public mint.

  • Since NFTs are unlikely to run out between the whitelist mint period and the public mint period, we encourage you to time the mint to have low gas prices.

  • Whitelist minting (and associated 50% discount) ends at 1:50PM EDT Saturday August 13th. You may still however mint at the public mint prices at the public mint start time of 2:00PM EDT, Saturday August 13th.

  • Currently a maximum of 900 WL slots are available out of 10,000 NFTs total.

Getting Whitelist Spots other than Through Survey

Follow our Twitter and Discord to get updates on new promos that qualify for a whitelist spot. These include items like:

  • Being one of the original members (OG) members of our community, ranked by 50 highest rated.

  • Participating in our like, retweet, and tagging contests.

  • Helping out in other ways to be announced in our Discord.

LongevityDAO Founder Mint Policy (Set Aug 8th, 2022)

We've received multiple questions about how many NFTs Founders will mint, since our biggest supporters want to ensure we the three founders of LongevityDAO are aligned with the NFT project. LongevityDAO's founders are defined as the Discord users celegans, stryker, and spicecat.

In the past weeks, we ran a survey for whether founders should be allowed to mint Cryonauts NFTs. The results among everyone (excluding data from us three founders ourselves naturally) was a unanimous yes with multiple votes! The general theme is of heavy support.

We're happy to say that Emil Kendziorra has decided to allow founder minting of NFTs, clearing the way for us three founders to mint ourselves!

One comment we did receive in the survey was that founders should disclose their general minting practices. Towards this end, we the three LongevityDAO founders together, are pledging:

  • To mint a positive number of NFTs.

  • But not to mint a sum of more than 20% of slots available (of both the 900 whitelist slots or the 10,000 public mint).

  • We can only sign up using our personal accounts, not any accounts that belong to LongevityDAO.

  • We can only use mechanisms (including survey-for-whitelist) that are available to the public.

  • We will mint them relatively early to show support.

Some standard disclaimers of course: we're making the above pledge as 3 individual founders of LongevityDAO. Since minting is anonymous and unlimited, we are actually restricting ourselves more than any other community members. And finally, as is the nature of the blockchain, we are unable to pledge on behalf of other associates of LongevityDAO or associates of TomorrowBio. Of course, we hope we're going above and beyond with the disclosures since usually most things in the blockchain are anonymous and restricted. We want to show our good faith alignment with you, the Cryonauts minters!

Of course, all funds put in by the LongevityDAO founders go 100% to TomorrowBio and it's great research.

Other Notes

If your jurisdiction requires an alternate method of entry / no-purchase-necessary condition for the free cryopreservation perk for the Cryonauts NFT, you may utilize the alternate method of entry / no-purchase-necessary condition here (click to see details).

In order to preserve the exclusiveness of the community. NFT giveaways will be extremely limited. At this point, only 10 NFTs given away will be authorized. Giveaways may include:

  • Giveaway contests

  • For exceptional contributors.

To find out more, ask in the #general channel on Discord.

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