Legal Disclaimers

Cryonaut NFTs/ Lifespan Legend NFTs ("nonnative NFTs"): these NFTs are not issued by LongevityDAO, but rather by TomorrowBio and (the "target orgs") respectively. We simply help them publicize their NFTs. LongevityDAO is not liable for any claims made about nonnative NFTS. To the extent the target org makes claims, it is up to the target org to honor those claims. To the extent LongevityDAO reports on their claims, its our good-faith understanding of their claim, made as if we are members of the press or media. LongevityDAO does not backstop any claims about nonnative NFTs. LongevityDAO does not receive any mint or trading proceeds of these nonnative NFTs.

Future Plans / Roadmap: All statements about the future are our guess of current plans. Our plans may change. Do not mint NFTs or interact with our crypto products if your interaction is conditional on us executing on any part of our plan.

All NFTs: NFTs shall be seen solely as collectible pictures and a receipt of you helping an organization. NFTs shall not be seen as investments. No statement shall be construed to imply the NFTs will increase in value, or any effort of any kind will be made to improve the value of the NFTs. No future plans about the NFT, including even the maintenance of this site, is guaranteed.

Governance token: there is no guarantee this project will have a governance token. A governance token will only exist if there is a need for it, and the community approves. In the case a token is mentioned anywhere in the project, it is a tentative proposal. In the case such a governance token is issued, it is not an investment. The governance token gives voting control over the DAO and a potential foundation, but does not represent any ownership of the foundation or its assets. Governance voters are most similar to voters of the board of a non-profit.

pLIFE token: pLIFE token is not an investment. Since the smart contract allows interconvertibility between 1000 pLIFE tokens and 1 ETH, the token is the same as wrapped ETH. It is equivalent to a signal of goodwill on behalf of the depositor. pLIFE tokens do not guarantee anything: LongevityDAO could elect to do nothing and the sole recourse of pLIFE holders would be to convert back to ETH.

Foundation Investments: we plan to have a foundation that will make standard investments in longevity startups. However, this foundation is not owned by LIFE token owners, or the DAO, or the team. The foundation has no owners.

Alternate Method of Entry / No Purchase Necessary for Cryonauts NFT Free Cryopreservation Perk

If you are in a jurisdiction where the free cryopreservation perk requires a no-purchase-necessary condition, the following no-purchase-necessary condition applies to you: Alternate Method of Entry (AMOE). If you do not have a Cryonauts NFT, send a handwritten, self-addressed stamped envelope to: "AMOE Cryonauts; Tomorrow Biostasis GmbH; Graefestr. 11; 10967 Berlin, Germany." The mail must include your legal name, wallet address and Cryonauts NFT ids (if applicable), full mailing address, date of birth and primary phone number along with a 25-word essay on why you deserve to win (“Mailed Entry”). Your Mailed Entry must be postmarked between the mint start time and 7 days after the mint start time or the mint end time, whichever is earlier. Each essay portion of a mailed entry must be unique and must not be deemed inappropriate, lewd or containing any trademarks or brand names not associated with TomorrowBio. Incomplete and/or inaccurate Entries are void. The above is not valid for jurisdictions that do not require AMOE (e.g. Germany, many places in the EU) or if Tomorrow Biostatis GmbH, a German company, determines it does not need to follow your jurisdiction's regulations on AMOE. Void where prohibited.

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