Deprecated: Other Funding Mechanisms

While Foundation Investments is our main method of funding, we are open to other methods of funding longevity research, as voted on by tokenholders. The below ones are no longer being targetted as of April 2022, but are placed here for historical reference, and in the off chance a majority of governance voters strongly prefers the below mthods.
LongevityDAO aims to have high economic leverage and make a direct impact. Economic leverage is the amount of impact towards a particular goal divided by the dollar cost. Not all donations have equal impact: for example, it’s well known that setting up a donation match has higher impact than direct donation. The LongevityDAO system will take advantage of high economic leverage to do the most good.
LongevityDAO makes three types of grants. 1) It grants X-prizes, donations known to be high leverage due to it being on top of private investment. 2) It makes retrospective grants to the start of the value chain, rewarding the basic science work that underlies so many applications. 3) It serves as donation matching for direct donations to longevity researchers.
Last modified 1yr ago