Members of the community who want to contribute to LongevityDAO can do so in the following ways.

Buy and hold: when a supporter buys and holds, she increases the value of the token and thus the value of the grants. We encourage supporters to hold permanently, as the amount of support is proportional to the total amount given in exchange for LIFE multiplied by duration of holding.

Impact analysis: Buying and holding temporarily removes LIFE supply from the ecosystem. The impact of this depends on induced selling if any. If it induces another supporter to sell, then the impact is linearly less. If it induces other supporters to buy, then the impact is linearly more.

Buy and burn: when a supporter buys LIFE and burns it, she signals that she is permanently and irreversibly donating the value of the token. The buy action has an identical effect to buy-and-hold, but the burn event imparts to the community substantial positive information value for the token.

Impact analysis: the positive signal value of the burning should make this better than the impact above. The remaining part of the impact analysis still stands.

Permanent support price: Suggested by Vitalik, supporters could put in a bid order for the full market cap of the LIFE. Supporters can stack their bids so the total amount of support is cumulative. LongevityDAO will have a native smart contract to allow supporters to do this, although supporters are free to write their own smart contracts!

Variation: instead of supporting LIFE with static ETH (which doesn’t earn yield), a supporter could manage an ETH farm, or in general a smart contract that holds a variety of passive and active strategies. LIFE holders can redeem their token against a pro-rata share of this smart contract. This allows supporters to help LIFE with their fund management skills.

Price impact analysis: the donation of base support levels will be a positive signal on token prices. These support levels incentivize token burning (which occurs during redemption) which is positive for LIFE value.

Lock in a vault: if you lock up your tokens so it can’t be used for a period, like 10 months, 10 years, or 200 years, this signals support for LIFE.

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