This roadmap describes LongevityDAO's current estimated launch process and timeline. Please see our Legal Disclaimer: no crypto products should be seen as investments and no milestones are guaranteed.

Cryonauts Launch: ~August 2022

First, LongevityDAO will help launch the Cryonauts NFT which is funding TomorrowBio, an on-the-ground cryonics startup bringing state-of-the-art biostasis technology to Europe and beyond.

We're proud to share the tremendous progress that has already occurred:

  • The partnership with TomorrowBio (May 2022)

  • The announcement of Cryonauts (June 2022)

  • Survey-for-whitelist Presales (July 2022)

    • We have sold out our survey-for-whitelist multiple times, and are on our third run! This shows immense promise for our project.

    • Original whitelist only allowed claiming one spot. Multiple of claimed spots increase by >30x when claiming additional spots for a small fee was allowed.

    • Validated interest through paying participants.

  • Art and backstory creation (July 2022, partial)

Stages that are upcoming include:

  • Second AMA (Coincident with NFT Mint Start) with Emil, CEO of TomorrowBio and LongevityDAO's founder.

  • Larger round of marketing (Coincident with NFT Mint Start)

    • Through channels tested in pre-mint to yield real paying minters.

  • Mint start (~Aug 2022)

    • Coincident with a supportive environment and full completion of "background marketing".

    • Can be even earlier; in all cases we will aim to give 72 hours notice, but at least 12 hours notice -- follow our Twitter: @longevity_dao and our Discord.

  • Kickoff Discord party

  • Mint end (~Nov 2022)

    • Hard coded to be no more than 3 months after mint start time, to ensure supply doesn't have an "open end".

    • TomorrowBio's fundamental assumption is the series will mint this year.

  • Perks distributed (2022)

    • Should happen within days of mint ending.

  • Continued NFT Community Building by TomorrowBio (2022, 2023 and beyond!)

    • Through events, perks, conferences, etc.

Lifespan Legends: Late 2022

Lifespan Legends is the NFT of, the premier longevity publicity nonprofit. 100% of proceeds go to Already accomplished items include:

  • specs out initial NFT details, vision, and enlists LongevityDAO's help (June 2022)

  • Announces Lifespan Legends publicly (July 2022)

  • Lifespan Legends and LongevityDAO is presented at EARD 2022 conference (July-August 2022)

Upcoming Items Include:

  • AMA with founder, Keith Comito (August/Sept 2022)

  • Art creation (Late 2022)

  • Lifespan Legends mint start (after Cryonauts NFT mint starts).

LongevityDAO NFT and Metaverse Launch (Late 2022; Early 2023)

After the above two series of NFTs, LongevityDAO plans to launch its own series of NFTs and Metaverse. Steps include:

  • Public announcement of series.

  • Kickoff AMA session.

  • Customer development through surveys and whitelists.

  • Marketing efforts.

  • Mint starts (Late 2022; Currently Timed After Lifespan Legends; Early 2023)

  • Creation of 3D models.

  • Creation of universe to interact with.

  • Software for universe-model interaction.

    • Generally we will be targeting "open" in all dimensions.

      • For example, WebGL or a web-based interface like this. Compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Compatible with all major OSes (Windows, MacOS, Android).

      • Interoperability with other Metaverse-type buildouts (e.g. Decentraland, etc).



The LongevityDAO metaverse will be comprised of many planets. Each planet represents a distinct project that you helped fund by minting its NFTs. One center planet represents LongevityDAO itself: the best way to get a stake in the center planet is to participate in the LongevityDAO native NFT launch when it arises. The two NFT sets above (Cryonauts NFT and Lifespan Legends NFT) will entitle its holders to assets on their respective planets as well. There is a proposal for some LongevityDAO native NFTs to be distributed to non-native (e.g. Cryonauts) NFT proposals.

Characters can always travel between planets, and items between different planets will be cross-compatible.

Direct Issuance Planets

The first two planets, Cryonauts and Lifespan Legends, will be "direct issuance" planets. This means that the target org (e.g. TomorrowBio), is directly issuing the NFTs. The NFTs will have rights as fully dictated by the target org. LongevityDAO helps with some press and technical aspects, but has no final say in what the NFTs are or evolves to be.

Fund Planets

In the future, our vision is that some planets will be "investment fund planets", or "fund planets" for short, tied to a specific company working on a longevity effort. The Target Organization might be an early-stage Moderna for example. This Fund Planet would have NFTs that are issued by a special purpose vehicle (an "SPV" e.g. an LLC). The SPV would take all the funds from the NFT mint, and then invest in the Target Org using a standard equity-like round, like a SAFE or a Series A. The SPV would then have real assets that it owns.

If the Target Org (like many startups) doesn't succeed and fails, the SPV's assets would essentially have no value, but the NFTs can still exist and hold substantial value (or no value). This "worse case" world would be similar to the current "direct issuance" planets.

If the Target Org succeeds, then it will return funds back to the SPV. The expectancy is that it would return a lot of funds -- 100x or more for many startup exits.

The SPV can then roll forward these funds into new SPVs to invest in more longevity startups. The planet will go "supernova" and form dozens or hundreds of new planets using the old SPV's money, and the old NFT holders can be airdropped hundreds of NFTs to these new planets, as it its their original funds that made the supernova possible.

The SPV generally can also decide, by governance vote (e.g. could be via NFT holders) other uses of the fund as well.

Center Planet

The center planet will be the LongevityDAO planet. LongevityDAO itself will issue NFTs to fund itself, and so will have native NFTs. These NFTs will be one basis of governance of the DAO when it is fully decentralized in two years.

LongevityDAO Governance Sketch

LongevityDAO aims to be a fully decentralized governance model in the medium to long term. LongevityDAO plans to follow a sketch similar to other web3 projects, except with even more dynamics going to the community as its main goal is to fund real science.

100% of Cryonauts NFT and Lifespan Legends NFT proceeds go to TomorrowBio and respectively. Neither LongevityDAO nor its founders receive any monetary proceeds from the mint or trading.

Of economic dynamics:

  • The Founding Team (original founders, and more broadly the launch organization) receives 8% or less of total fund raised.

    • >=92% of total funds raised go to the target organizations. (Note: for Cryonauts and Lifespan Legends, 100% of funds raised go to the target orgs. The 92% threshold is for future sub-projects).

  • LongevityDAO is more than the founding team -- it includes the entire community, including those that hold LongevityDAO native tokens, tokens that LongevityDAO helps, etc.

Of voting dynamics:

  • The model we are following is progressive decentralization. We target full decentralization within 2 years of our first governance vote.

  • We plan to distribute voting (e.g. tokens or NFTs or other means) to Longevity native NFT holders, Cryonauts NFTs, Lifespan Legends NFTs, etc.

    • Distributions to other NFTs may be pro-rated or by random airdrop.

    • Thus, the best way to get a future say in LongevityDAO is to look into the current NFTs that are launching.

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